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Nhat Nguyen

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Chiara Vanalli

I am an environmental engineer specialized in the optimal management and planning of natural resources. I am interested in the analysis of ecological and environmental systems. My work is mainly focused on understanding the interaction between climate and infectious disease dynamics. Currently, I validate an existing climate-immuno-epidemiological model of multi-parasite species infection on spatially dispersed populations of rabbits and produce maps of the risk of infection in different IPCC climate scenarios and time horizons.


K. Forbes (Post-Doc)
F. Dagostin (MS)                                                                                                            A. Mignatti (Visiting Scholar, PhD)
A. Pathak (Post-Doc, Res. Assoc.)
S. Ghosh (Post-Doc, main supervisor: M. Ferrari)
A. Hernandez (Post-Doc)
M. Steele (Ms)
A. Van Kuren (Ms)