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Kris Forbes

I’m a disease ecologist, broadly interested in how environmental factors shape relationships between wildlife hosts and their parasites and pathogens. Some of my current research interests are how pre-existing helminth infections can alter virus susceptibility and disease severity in wildlife hosts, and the impact of anthropogenic factors, such as food provisioning, on host-parasite dynamics. My research combines field, laboratory and statistical methods I have been working predominately with small mammals and now rabbits. For more check: https://kristianforbes.wordpress.com/


Francesca Dagostin

I am an environmental engineer with training in planning and management of natural resources. My main interests is the analysis of ecological and environmental processes, with a particular focus on disease ecology. Currently, I am working on the development of immuno-epidemiological models of multi-parasite species infections where seasonality and host age contribute to heterogeneities in infection and transmission.



A. Pathak (Post-Doc, Res. Assoc.)
S. Ghosh (Post-Doc, main supervisor: M. Ferrari)
A. Hernandez (Post-Doc)
M. Steele (Ms)
A. Van Kuren (Ms)