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Group members

Nhat Nguyen. I am interested in understanding how within-host processes of infection affect disease dynamics and transmission. My DPhil work focused on analyzing stationary antibody titer distributions in a population where there was no presence of influenza vaccine and performed inference of seroincidence from serological time series. I am working on analyzing the immunological responses and shedding dynamics of rabbits infected with Bordetella. My research interest is performing different statistical inferences and model fitting dynamics, bioinformatics, and learning about functional genomics for different infectious diseases.


Chiara Vanalli. I am an environmental engineer specialized in the optimal management and planning of natural resources. I am interested in the analysis of ecological and environmental systems. My work is mainly focused on understanding the interaction between climate and infectious disease dynamics. Currently, I validate an existing climate-immuno-epidemiological model of multi-parasite species infection on spatially dispersed populations of rabbits and produce maps of the risk of infection in different IPCC climate scenarios and time horizons.



K. Forbes (Post-Doc)
F. Dagostin (MS)                                                                                                            A. Mignatti (Visiting Scholar, PhD)
A. Pathak (Post-Doc, Res. Assoc.)
S. Ghosh (Post-Doc, main supervisor: M. Ferrari)
A. Hernandez (Post-Doc)
M. Steele (Ms)
A. Van Kuren (Ms)